Micro Tube Sprayer for Plantain Plantation and other crops

During my tour to various farms, either plantain, maize, vegetables in the northern part of Nigeria or Southern part, I found out that most of the farmlands are owned by peasant farmers and they are either on a small-scale (0 ha – 5ha) or medium scale (5ha – 10ha).
One of the major challenge they battle is irrigation during the dry season or non-raining period. As a matter of fact, climate change is not really favoring those types of farmers as there is no water or irrigation implements to feed their crops or fruit trees water during the dry spell or period.
In my quest, I found out that there is a type of irrigation that will really work well for their crops and which is also cost-effective. It’s called Micro Tube sprayer.
Micro Tube Sprayer is just a tube perforated and able to feed your crop enough water. It is black in color and work effectively. The major things needed to complement the micro spray tube are:
A small water pump (not a must)


PVC pipe feeders

Air valves

PVC pipe reducer, socket and T junctions.
To be practical, I will give a breakdown of the cost to irrigate one acre of farmland of a typical plantain farm or crop farm).
Things to note before installing this kind of irrigation include:
• Your farmland dimension
• Your crop spacing
• Crops to be planted
• Source of water
• Water storage tank

Your farmland dimension: This is the most important factor as it gives a clearer picture of how many meters of this micro tube sprayer needed for your farmland. The dimension for one (1) acre is 40m by 100m

Planted crop spacing: This is also an important factor as it helps to take better decision on how many rolls/ meters needed.      For example, let’s take plantain spacing to be 3m by 3m
Crops to be planted: This will decide the number of crop stand per rows and column on your farmland.
Source of water: I will try to be straight forward, the best source of water is borehole but farmers that cannot install it can        opt for a  deep well but must be very sure that the deep well will supply more than enough water during the dry season            (when there’s no rainfall and very low humidity).
Water storage: A farmer should go for a tank not less than 3000 liters.


PS: watch the video below to learn more about Micro spray tube for Plantain and other crops.

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