Understanding Plantain Market Part 2


Plantain market is an aspect which calls for concern as many people are not aware of the dynamism involved. In this article, I will explain the ways in which you can sell your plantain at a good price.

Plantain market in various markets is majorly controlled by the middlemen, and many people sell at the mercy of this kind of individuals. Though the middlemen are the biggest problem, it is the best place to sell your plantain if you produce to a high quantity. Other things to note are:

1.  Getting your plantain to the market early enough: you will need to get your plantain to the market as soon as 6 am in the morning, most especially Monday morning. Reasons are that your product will be the first choice to be patronized by buyers, and you will be able to sell your product on time. The hint is the more your product stays on the market, the lesser the price it gets.
2.  Get your plantain to the market fresh: I have noticed that sweet plantain at the market does attract buyers more. In fact, it attracts serious buyers.
3.  Move only plantains with full fingers: When your plantain fingers are filled up till it shows a splitting sign. If you can be patient enough to wait till it filled up well, then it will attract a high price. Please note that you must not wait till it starts ripening because you will on the pressure to sell it fast and you will be at the mercy of buyers.
4.  Always increase your production: the best way to make a good profit at the market is to grow your production so that you can increase your profit margin.

For those that could not produce large quantity to the market, the best is to look for those plantain chips sellers who you can supply your plantain, but it must be at a reasonable price.

Another aspect is to dry your plantain and sell them during the rainy season (N.B.: you must be able to preserve it and maintain its moisture content).

Being a successful plantain farmer involves the production management and market. Understanding the market dynamism matters a lot.

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    I’m interested in setting up plantain plantation, please how can you be of assistance, did you run consultant services?

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