Helping Nuggets to survive as a Plantain farmer

Being farmer takes a lot of courage which many of the populace do not want to venture into because it is not that comfortable at the beginning, even while work is going on and at harvest time.

Many have forgotten that without a farmer who goes to the field to plant some crops, there won’t be food for the populace to eat and thereby causing scarcity of food items, an increase in the price of food items and hunger in the land.

To those who wants to go into farming, I will say it is a right decision because of some advantages it comes with which are:

1.  To can grow most of the food you eat
2.    You can have abundant of food to eat
3.   You spend less on food items and much more

But I must say that to be a successful farmer, especially plantain, there is some core or helping point that you need to follow. I will state them in detail:

1. Plantain Farming involves being rugged: I mean sturdy because you are expecting a return on your investment after almost a year you have been investing. Unlike other crops which are three weeks, three months and eight weeks
2.  Plantain Farming need experience hands: a lot of people have invested into plantain farming without the knowledge, they believe it’s all about planting and weeding forgetting that it’s only a plantain doctor that can diagnose any plantain sickness and offer treatment. To go into plantain farming, first of all, go to experienced ones to learn the rudiments or have a consultant or manager before you can take over the process.
3.  Always heed to Experts advises: I had issues with clients who believe that their decisions will bring positive results. Some of my clients do take the decision without contacting me, and when they get to a stage of their decisions not working again, they called for help, and this would have been a waste of time, energy, and resources. I would always advise you contact an expert who will take you through tough decision making. Your consultant may request for a fee, but it is better to be done cause you will also be learning during the process.
4.  Always expect the unexpected: Many plantain farmers do believe that immediately they plant and follow due process, they will start smiling to the bank soon. This is a fatal lie; I have been thrown down by a various situation, e.g., workers problem, harsh weather conditions, host community problems and so on. In order not to feel bad when these occurs, do not count your chick during the incubating period but found all means to avert them if they can.
5. Always ask questions and do your homework: many people do dupe those who go into plantain farming for the first time, they could start calling their suckers (planting material) different names with different price tags which could take a lot of money from your hand. Though planting an excellent hybrid of plantain sucker does not guarantee a significant yield but there is room to be sure of the type of hybrid you are planting and also the source. Plantain Farming is complex but simple if you do your research and also understand it.
6.  Avoid greediness: Because you have 10ha of land for plantain should not translate to cultivating the whole 10ha. This aspect is a terrible problem for many. They do not look at their financial capability before venturing and have future plans to extend. A lot have missed it here thereby depriving them of their returns on investment.
7. Understand the market pattern: do not just invest but do your homework in a market in Nigeria or your home country. In Nigeria for example, plantain price do rise during the early start of raining season (from March) and drop during the late rainy season and dry season. All you have to target is harvesting during high price periods. This will involve irrigation because if you don’t irrigate or plant in the swampy area, you are unlikely to meet the goal.

All these stated points are needed by you if you plan to venture into plantain farming.

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