Effects of Climate Change on our Crops (#plantain)

Decades ago on tropical soil, there has been favourable climate which boosts our economy especially the area of agriculture.

Agriculture has been an age-old practice where there is the raising of livestock and cultivation of crops. It has been in existence when human race began.

So many people have heard about climate change, but they did not understand it, including its effects especially farmers (rural).

In a layman understanding, climate change is just the change in the yearly weather attitude. For example, there could be dryness when rainfall ought to occur at a particular period.

How climate change started: climate changed was caused mostly by the big industries especially the western region industries by emitting a massive quantity of the gaseous substance into the atmosphere thereby destroying the earth ozone layer which helps to reduce the intensity of sun rays that touches the ground surface. The resultant effect of this act is majorly experienced by the developing countries where there are no basic amenities that could support life.

Effect of climate change on our society: Effects include

the rise in temperature
melting of glaciers and ice
the increase in sea level
the death of animals
the increase in malaria cases
flash rainfall
the increase in dry season period
the decrease in rainy season period
the rise of epidemics
the rise in food prices (if irrigation agriculture is not practiced) e.t.c

Effects of climate change on crops (plantain as an example)

Without no argument, we all know that our plants need different quantity of water for survival and without it, they will die or produce less. The effect of climate change has strongly shown on our crops in many ways. They are:

Small production due to lack of water
Increase of pest and disease
Increase in related human disease due to usage of pesticides to control pests
Low or no output e.t.c

For Any Farmer that want to cultivate plantain or any other crops that are a yearly crop, there is a need to install irrigation system because, without an irrigation system, you may lose your crops or they produce microscopic. Plantain needs a lot of water all year round and without the assurance of the availability of the providing water, it may not survive.

This is also a sign to all prospective plantain farmers that plantain market always booms when there is scarcity, and this always occurs at the beginning of the rainy season of the year. Therefore, for you to be successful in plantain farming and other types of farming, you need to understand the effect of climate change on your crops or animals.

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