Understanding Plantain Market

     Plantain is a staple food and money spinner for those that understand its production and market.In Nigeria, plantain market has been in existence for decades which is an open market, i.e., a market where any seller can enter to display his or her product.

The only state in Nigeria that consumes the highest cultivation of plantain crops is Lagos because it’s the only state in Nigeria whereby farmers sends their produce from states like Delta, Edo, Ondo, Oyo, Osun and Ogun state. It consumes more than 50% of the total national production.

In lagos, there is three main markets for plantain. They are ikorodu, owode and mile 12. These are centers where farmers or plantain sellers display their plantain for customers who come from different part of Lagos to purchase the produce.

Plantain supply chain

Farmer…………..Wholesale buyer…………….Retailer………………Consumer



What BUYERS look for when buying plantain?

1.   Quality: it has been observed that most consumers will prefer fresh produce from the farm which hasn’t stay much on the road. This is a big challenge as there is mostly small farm nearer to the market and these cannot meet the demand. Another example to note is that a plantain with less quality (plantain turning to black color) will attract unserious buyers and ridiculous prices.            From the research made by farmlifeng.com team, we were told at the market that the plantains from far distance do attract less price due to long distance, breakage of vehicle transporting the produce to the market and various climatic factors that will affect the quality, e.g., sunlight
2.   Size: A big bunch plantain always attract customer, and many do always want to buy it. This is a point to note that farmers that want to cultivate double bunch plantain should not unless there is a certainty that the sizes will be big and attract the customer.
3.  Season: there is season when there is a scarcity of plantain at the market and also surplus at the market. When there is surplus, buyers do take advantage and give smaller prices so as to make more profit. A farmer that want make more profit must target season of scarcity and also ensure that the plantain bunches are big when transported to the market.

How prices at the open market fluctuate?

The movement of price is majorly on two items. They are:

1. Demand and Supply: whenever the market demand is lower than the supply, there is an occurrence of low price at the market and vice versa.

2. Quality: Any plantain bunch that has lost its freshness and green colour will be valued less compared to the other bunches that still maintain its quality.

This is a wake-up call to all intending plantain farmers; they should all try to understand the market before they venture into it or they look for the services of competent plantain farmers of managers or consultants who know its cultivation and market.

………At FarmLife NG, this we make sure are given as our services to our various clients.

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    Pls I need contacts in South East or south south to sell my plantain from the farm.

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    The article is exquisite and quite explicit. Thank you for knowledge sharing. May the Good LORD continue to bless you, Amen!

    However, I want to go into trading in fresh plantain and I will need your expert advice and kind support.

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